AARON WUDRICK: Principled supporters of election reform should concede the obvious and call for a referendum

“Indeed, pro-reformers who refuse to endorse the need for a referendum are left to confront a few awkward questions, such as: how is it that 39 per cent of the vote (for the Liberal party) in a supposedly unfair system can equal a clear mandate for such a fundamental change? Is arbitrarily tallying up the party votes on a policy-by-policy basis really a defensible way to measure support? How can one claim to want to make “every vote count,” while opposing the use of a mechanism that does exactly that? And why spend precious time and energy fighting the idea of a referendum, instead of preparing to win one by promoting the merits of reform?

“The Trudeau government has a mandate to explore electoral reform. It does not have a mandate to impose anything it draws up without asking Canadians first. Principled reformers should concede the obvious, and make calls for a referendum on electoral reform unanimous.”

– Canadian Taxpayers Federation Federal Director Aaron Wudrick, December 29, 2015

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