GORDON GIBSON: Changing our voting system demands a public referendum

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau asked a skeptical questioner if it is necessary to have a referendum on everything that matters. Would he try that logic on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms? This is evasive tap dancing, not worthy of the man.

“Some say such referendums always fail. Not if it is a good question, they don’t.

“No, set these excuses aside with the contempt they deserve. We were promised “sunny ways,” not a dark and evasive manipulation of our right to vote. We must have direct consent. A course correction on this one cannot come too soon. The voting system belongs to the people. Not the politicians. Period.”

– Gordon Gibson, December 29, 2015 (Gibson was formerly the Leader of the B.C. Liberal Party and was the architect of the B.C. government’s Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform).

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