J.J. McCULLOUGH: Liberal plan for electoral reform shows no logic beyond self-interest

“For the last four years, progressives routinely scolded that the Harper government, with its 39% of the popular vote, had no legitimacy to do anything important, because “the majority of Canadians voted against them.” Our new government seeks to resolve this injustice, yet it leaps to action having won precisely the same share of the popular vote. It claims its mandate is decisive and sufficient, which begs the question as to what problem we’re even solving in the first place.

“The Liberals are offering a terrible mess of arguments that do nothing to undermine the moral case of their opponents. If the government believes our electoral system does not allow the public’s will to be clearly expressed, then it behooves them to bypass that flawed system and ask important questions to the public directly, via referendum. If they refuse, they clearly do not take the alleged crisis very seriously, and deserve to have their motives questioned.”

– J.J. McCullough, January 8, 2016

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