JASON VANDENBEUKEL: The Supreme guide to electoral reform

“Everyone agrees that electoral reform will fundamentally change the way our government works. One-party governments will almost certainly be replaced by coalitions, and elections will likely be more frequent and more widely contested. And while the Constitution explicitly gives the federal Parliament the power to change the way in which the House of Commons is elected, the logic underpinning the Supreme Court’s direction on Senate reform cannot be ignored. This isn’t just about tinkering on the edges of the democratic process; electoral reform will completely reshape our political system. The argument which the Supreme Court justices made in their decision on Senate reform, in which they developed an all too brief respect for the intent of the people who wrote our Constitution in the first place, is quite clear: changing the rules of the political game in such a significant way is much too big a responsibility for one government or one party.”

– Jason VandenBeukel, Ph.D Candidate in Canadian Politics at University of Toronto, MA & BA in Political Science from Brock University, January 12, 2016

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