MATTHEW P. HARRINGTON: Senate should ensure Canadian voters have final say on electoral reform

“Canadians have always recognized that some substantial consultative process by which the voters themselves get a say is required for significant electoral reform. No province has sought to make changes in its electoral system without one… Consequently, if the Liberals do carry through with their plan to implement electoral reform by a simple vote of Parliament, the Senate ought to reject the bill and force the prime minister to go to the country. This is, after all, why the Senate exists. It was originally conceived as a place where cooler heads would prevail to prevent popular passions from overwhelming the parliamentary system. It was intended to serve as a bulwark against legislation that was ill-conceived or hazardous to the constitutional or social structure of the nation.”

– Matthew P. Harrington, law professor at Université de Montréal, January 5, 2016

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