TORONTO STAR: Liberals must win broad consensus to change election system

“Referendums on voting change have already been held in three provinces, setting a precedent of sorts. All failed, and some reformers are so hell-bent on dumping first-past-the-post that they are urging the Liberals to be “brave” and move ahead on their own hook. That makes no sense. The lesson of past referendums cannot be that the people are too blind or foolish to see the light; it must be that those who want change have to do a better job of persuasion.

“The Liberals opened this can of worms last June when they included voting change in their ambitious reform agenda. They should focus on other democratic reforms and ease off the accelerator on this one. Most importantly, they should not tarnish their reputation as reformers by forcing through a change seen to benefit themselves above all.”

– Toronto Star Editorial, January 8, 2016

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